COMICAMP Post Survey

by jacob cossey
August 9th, 2013
Summer programs are having a monumental effect!



Summer camps seem to be having more of an impact than we thought they would. Kids are engaging together in new and creative ways. We recently put on a COMICAMP, led by Jonathan Koelsch. The camp was awesome, and we knew that the kids loved it. But we didn’t realize how much of an impact it had on them and their families until some post survey answers came back.

Here’s a look into what some campers and family members had to say about the camp:

What did you like about COMICAMP 2013?

“The oppurtunity for a safe environment for my son to have fun, be social and feel like he is doing something independent from me (mom).”

“I got to tell all the stories that are in my head.”

“My son was in a safe zone and celebrated for being unique.”

“It brought out some interest and a little creativity that even he is unaware he had. I (grandmother) thought it was great!”

Ready to make a great comic!

Ready to make a great comic!

How did the COMICAMP impact your life and what did it mean to have your child attend COMICAMP?

“Too much for words. Such a blessing.”

“Everyday our son was smiling ear to ear, telling us about his time at camp. It was a big deal for our kid who doesn’t want to talk about anything, tears are shedding.”

“I didn’t think I was going to fit in or that I didn’t have anything to contribute but I was proven wrong, and I’m so grateful.”

“I have more confidence in myself and my drawings.”

“I got to get out and do something I enjoy.”

“To know that my son was getting to be creative in a way that was not going to be judged. To know that he would still be guided. (being one the oldest ones) To know that it might help some of the social anxiety that he deals with makes my day… and helps him grow a little more as well.”

“my son made a major social connection. When I told him we were coming to the ‘revel’ tonight, he said, ‘Oh good, I can see my friends!!’ He loved creating the book and has something that’s his very own project.”

How great is it that not only were the kids affected, but the families were too! If you’d like to get more involved in a summer program, click here to see all the groups and programs we offer.