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Cohen Children's Medical Center study: Children on autism spectrum more likely to wander, disappear

5 February 2016 | 2:00 pm

A new study by researchers at Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York (CCMC) suggests that more than one-quarter million school-age children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other...

Blood pressure medicine may improve conversational skills of individuals with autism

2 February 2016 | 4:00 pm

An estimated 1 in 68 children in the United States has autism. The neurodevelopmental disorder, which impairs communication and social interaction skills, can be treated with medications and...

How mirror neurons can help improving autism

2 February 2016 | 3:00 pm

A randomized controlled trial published in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics introduces a completely new therapeutic opportunity for disturbances that are related to autism.

Study strengthens evidence linking autism to maternal obesity-diabetes

2 February 2016 | 1:00 pm

Scientists show they can use electronic medical records and birth information to verify and strengthen an already suspected link between autistic children and pregnant mothers with obesity and...

Study reveals subtle brain differences in men with autism

29 January 2016 | 2:00 pm

Research at King's College London has revealed subtle brain differences in adult males with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which may go some way towards explaining why symptoms persist into...

Maternal obesity and diabetes linked with increased infant autism risk

29 January 2016 | 8:00 am

New research has found that children born to mothers with diabetes and obesity could be significantly more likely to develop the developmental disability.

Estrogens alleviate hyperactivity in zebrafish with autism gene

29 January 2016 | 8:00 am

Research led by UCL, Yale and University of California, San Francisco has shown that the hormone estrogen alleviates the sleep disruption experienced by zebrafish genetically designed to help...

Texas A&M research hints at a nutritional strategy for reducing autism risk

29 January 2016 | 8:00 am

Folic acid has long been touted as an important supplement for women of childbearing age for its ability to prevent defects in the baby's developing brain and spinal cord.

Autism caused by immune response to viral infection during pregnancy?

29 January 2016 | 8:00 am

Links between viral infection during pregnancy and autism grow ever stronger. The latest study investigates the role of T helper cells and specific cytokines.

Study: Anti-asthma drugs taken during pregnancy associated with autism risk

27 January 2016 | 1:00 pm

By comparing birth records over a period of nine years, Drexel researchers found that the children of mothers who took a certain asthma medication during pregnancy faced an elevated risk of being...

Twenty-five-point drop in IQ caused by lack of gene copy

27 January 2016 | 12:00 pm

Researchers measured the intelligence of 700 family members who had at least one relative carrying the same genetic mutation on chromosome 16, which is known to predispose to autistic spectrum...

Transgenic monkeys could aid study of autism

25 January 2016 | 4:00 pm

Genetically modified monkeys that overexpress a gene associated with autism-like behaviours in humans and that can pass the modification to their offspring are reported in Nature this week.

Tourette syndrome: Brain circuits involved in vocal tic generation identified

25 January 2016 | 4:00 pm

A team of international researchers, led by Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, Ph.D. has announced the discovery of a system in the brain that may underlie the development of involuntary vocalizations (commonly...

Group therapy helps autistic children to cope better with everyday life

25 January 2016 | 1:00 pm

In the framework of group therapy developed at Goethe University Frankfurt, children and adolescents with high functioning ASD can learn how to cope better in the social world and also achieve a...

Searching for genetic links between autism and other disorders

22 January 2016 | 8:00 am

Research into autism as a symptom of other genetic disorders sheds some light on the molecular mechanisms behind the pervasive and elusive condition.

Autism-linked protein lays groundwork for healthy brain

18 January 2016 | 8:00 am

A gene linked to mental disorders helps lays the foundation for a crucial brain structure during prenatal development, according to Salk Institute research published January 14, 2016 in Cell...

NIH genome sequencing program targets the genomic bases of common, rare disease

15 January 2016 | 1:00 pm

The National Institutes of Health will fund a set of genome sequencing and analysis centers whose research will focus on understanding the genomic bases of common and rare human diseases.

Youths with gender dysphoria have higher rates of asperger syndrome

15 January 2016 | 12:00 pm

A new study provides clinical data to support growing evidence that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is more prevalent in children and adolescents with gender dysphoria than in the general population.

Trio of autism-linked molecules orchestrate neuron connections

15 January 2016 | 9:00 am

Proteins linked to brain disorders help wire the brain.New research from Duke University reveals how three proteins work in concert to wire up a specific area of the developing brain that is...

Scientists discover how we play memories in fast forward

14 January 2016 | 12:00 pm

Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin have discovered a mechanism that may explain how the brain can recall nearly all of what happened on a recent afternoon - or make a thorough plan...

Is autism hiding in a fold of the brain?

13 January 2016 | 1:00 pm

Scientists at CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université and AP-HM have identified a cerebral marker specific to autism that can be detected by MRI and is present as from the age of two years.

Untapped region in brain cell offers goldmine of drug targets for new autism treatments, UCLA study finds

12 January 2016 | 1:00 pm

UCLA scientists have discovered that an overlooked region in brain cells houses a motherlode of mutated genes previously tied to autism.

Xistential crisis: Discovery shows there's more to the story in silencing X chromosomes

11 January 2016 | 9:00 am

Work could lead to ways to counteract X-linked diseases in girls and women.Nearly every girl and woman on Earth carries two X chromosomes in nearly every one of her cells -- but one of them does...

Teens with autism and caregivers should plan early for adulthood

8 January 2016 | 1:00 pm

As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders continues to rise, medical professionals have emphasized early diagnosis, intervention and treatment.

Intriguing gender differences found in autistic friendships

6 January 2016 | 9:00 am

Autism is considered to be far more common in males. An insightful new study looks at the differences in relationships formed between autistic girls and boys.