Parent Led Support Groups provides support groups in Blanchard, Canadian Valley, Edmond, Guthrie, Latino, Norman, Muskogee, Oklahoma City, Shawnee, and Stillwater.  We also have a Writer’s Club.  All of these groups have their own pages and offerings on our site.  So check them out!

All groups meet at least once a month. Each parent support group provides a unique program to meet the needs of families who regularly attend the meetings. You can expect to find the following at each parent support group:

  • parent panels
  • opportunities for parent Q&A
  • experts on autism related topics
  • teachers
  • private professionals
  • open discussions
  • support and acceptance!

The groups also host family events called “Family Fun Nights”. There is usually child care available for each meeting, but registration is required. Additionally, some groups may have social groups for teens and young adults. Check out the support group pages for a complete list of each group’s programs!