All-Star Bowling

All-Star Bowling for the Differently-Abled!

ALL STAR BOWLING for the Differently-Abled Have Relocated….. effective May 24th. We moved to AMF Windsor Lanes located at 4600 NW 23rd St in Oklahoma City, just west of Meridian Avenue.

Same day, same time, just a different location. Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. Same great price….$8 for 3 games AND shoes. Bumpers and ramps are available. We have been blessed with some of the same people from the Yukon location. Menu is still the same. We thought about many considerations before we moved, including the transition time that a lot of our kids need. This gave minimal changes within the bigger change that we had to make.

In case you haven’t heard, we aren’t your typical league. We are not sanctioned, which in short means, we can make our own rules. Our kids are unique and sometimes their needs are as well; we want to do our best to assist. We don’t play for wins and losses; we play to have fun and quietly build social skills but on their level and in their time.

There is no age limit. If they can get the ball to the end, they can bowl. If their hair has shades of maturity, we love them still. Whether 5 or 105, we’d love to see you here. Another great benefit, even though a lot of our “kids” are routine driven, is that you are not forced to be at the Lanes each week. If something comes up and you’re unable to make it, don’t worry, don’t fret there’s no make-up or debt.

Want another reason to come have some fun? We welcome family and friends to join in on the fun. Same price, same deal. I promise it’s real. Our entire goal is to create a place where each of these unique and differently-abled individuals have a place to be themselves, have fun, and without ever knowing it….develop social skills they thought they never could. Add to that a chance to build friendships.

New memories are set to be made; new friendships where you can be unafraid. Come on over and check it out, drop us a line, or give us a shout. You can call the bowling alley for details or directions at (405) 942-5545 or you can email Debra at

Address: 4600 NW 23rd St in Oklahoma City, just west of Meridian Avenue.

Time: 1pm every Saturday

For more info:

Email Debra at

Follow on Twitter: @allstaraspiemom

Below are some pictures from past times at the bowling alley!